VMware Workstation Pro 17.5.2 Build 23775571

VMware Workstation Pro 17.5.2 Build 23775571 is designed to manage a growing catalog of local and remote virtual machines. Built on 15 years of virtualization expertise and winner of over 50 industry awards, VMware Workstation Pro elevates desktop virtualization to new heights by providing customers with unrivaled operating system support, a rich user experience, and outstanding performance.

VMware Workstation Pro 17 License Key is an ideal tool for increasing productivity, saving time, and mastering the cloud. Supports the most recent Windows and Linux versions, as well as the newest CPUs and devices. Additionally, you will be able to connect to VMware vSphere and vCloud Air.


User Interface
VMware Workstation Pro provides extensive control over how to configure and interact with virtual machines, whether they are operating locally on your PC or in the cloud. The interface has simpler menus, live thumbnails, tabs, and preference windows. A virtual machine library with search capabilities allows you to rapidly examine and access your virtual machines, saving you time.

Built for Microsoft Windows 10 and More.
VMware Workstation Pro is the most effective method to analyze and test Windows 10 on your current Windows or Linux PC. on a few easy steps, you may install Windows 10 on a virtual computer from a CD. Alternatively, use the Workstation Virtual Machines Wizard to boot from an ISO image. You may start using Windows 10’s newest features, such as Cortana, the personal digital assistant, and the new Edge web browser. Or even begin developing Universal Apps for Windows 10 devices. You can also ask Cortana to open VMware Workstation directly from Windows 10.

Display Supports DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3 for smoother and faster 3D performance. Furthermore, Workstation makes it easy to run demanding 3D software such as AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS in a virtual machine.

Download VMware Workstation Pro 17 Full Version

Ready for high-resolution displays.
VMware Workstation Pro is built to handle high quality 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) screens for desktops and QHD+ (3200×1800) displays for laptops and x86 tablets, ensuring a sharp and detailed experience. VMware Workstation 14 Pro now supports multiple displays on the host with varied DPI settings, allowing you to use your brand new 4K UHD display alongside your current 1080P HD display.

Create powerful virtual machines.
VMware Workstation Pro allows you to build virtual machines with up to 16 vCPUs, 8 TB virtual storage, and 64 GB of RAM to run even the most demanding desktop and server applications in a virtualized environment. You may accelerate graphics-intensive programs by assigning up to 2GB of video memory to a virtual machine.

Ready for the latest hardware.
Take use of the most recent Intel-based tablets with Workstation virtual tablet sensors. Combine the newest Microsoft Surface tablets with Workstation’s virtual accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and ambient light sensor to allow apps running in virtual machines to react when a user moves, turns, or shakes their tablet. VMware Workstation Pro supports the newest Intel 64-bit x86 CPUs, including the Broadwell and Haswell microarchitectures, for optimal performance on laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

Create Virtual Networks.
With expanded IPv6 functionality, including IPv6-to-IPv4 Network Address Translation (6to4 and 4to6), users can now design more sophisticated networking topologies than ever before. To add and delete virtual IPv4 or IPv6 networks, open the VMware Workstation Pro virtual network editor. Create bespoke virtual networking setups, suitable for testing and demonstration situations, without affecting the PC’s network configuration.

Leverage the power of vSphere and vCloud Air
VMware Workstation Pro connects to VMware vSphere and the vCloud Air service. It enables you to expand and grow virtual computers in the cloud. Drag and drop virtual machines between your PC and your internal cloud, which may be running vSphere, ESXi, or another Workstation instance. In addition, you may quickly connect to vCloud Air. You will be able to upload, operate, and examine virtual machines directly from the Workstation Pro interface.

Cross-Compatibility for Virtual Machines
Workstation Pro allows you to construct virtual machines that operate across the VMware product line. Alternatively, construct limited virtual computers that may be utilized with Horizon FLEX, Fusion Pro, and Workstation Player.

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What’s New?

  • New Security Enhancement
  • This version adds a new security upgrade by using an enhanced encryption algorithm (XTS instead of CBC) to provide maximum protection while reducing performance cost. For further details, read https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/93071.
  • This release addresses CVE-2023-34044. VMSA-2023-0022 provides detailed information on these vulnerabilities and their effect on VMware products.
  • Control Virtual Machines using VMRUN Commands
  • Workstation Pro now includes the VMRUN command line program, which allows you to operate virtual machines. Commands may be used to conduct a variety of guest actions, including powering on and off, capturing snapshots for data backup, managing network adapters, starting an executable application, managing files and directories, managing operating system processes, and so on.
  • Import and export virtual machines using vTPM device.
  • The OVF Tool now allows you to import or export virtual machines with vTPM devices enabled. You can export a virtual machine with a vTPM device to an OVF file and then import it with a vTPM.
  • Use the VMREST API to manage power operations on encrypted virtual machines.
  • The VMREST API service now allows you to power on/off, suspend, pause, and unpause an encrypted virtual machine, as well as retrieve its status.
  • VMware Hardware Version 21.
  • Supports up to 256 NVMe devices. Four controllers, each with 64 devices.
  • The guest operating systems that support NVMe 1.3 include:
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

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