Speedify VPN 14.8.0 Free Download For Windows

Speedify VPN is the only software that bundles all of your Internet connections to keep you online when it counts. Cellular connections may be shared and received concurrently by paired devices. Everything that moves between devices is encrypted. Anytime, set limitations, unpair with other devices, or set rights. For better internet when livestreaming, at conferences and concerts, or on the road, pair with friends, family, and colleagues.

Using several internet connections at once allows you to leverage up to 95% of your total throughput thanks to our special channel bonding technology. Speedify dynamically distributes individual packets across your available internet connections, unlike conventional connection aggregation solutions (like load balancers) thus even big single-socket transfers like streaming video and uploading and downloading files may be greatly accelerated!

Speedify VPN Latest Version


  • To enhance live streaming, video chatting, gaming, web surfing, and anything else you do online, Speedify lets you combine many internet sources into one connected super-connection.
  • It’s simple to share Cellular connections amongst many Speedify users on the same local network using Pair & Share. For better internet when livestreaming, at conferences and concerts, or on the road, pair with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • To finely regulate how and when to utilize your connections, let Speedify manage them automatically or manually select Priority levels. Setting data and rate limitations is also possible to avoid overages on expensive metered connections.
  • Having locations in more than 50 cities and 35 countries, our network of Speed Servers can assist in providing faster internet wherever you are. Either manually choose your preferred region or use Speedify to choose the optimal server for you based on availability and latency.
  • When there is delay or packet loss, Speedify may make even a single internet connection function better. On each of your internet connections, Speedify will logically establish up to eight TCP connections back to our Speed Servers, enabling it to transmit and receive data redundantly or in parallel as required.
  • Unintentionally knock yourself out of Wi-Fi range or unplug your Ethernet cable? You won’t miss a beat when Speedify smoothly switches to your other functional Internet connection(s) during a crucial video conversation or file transfer.

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