ManicTime 2024.1.1.0 Latest Version For Windows 10

ManicTime 2024 is an automatic time-tracking Windows PC that is very feature-rich and easy to use. Reduce time wasters and raise output right away! ManicTime will handle time tracking so you may concentrate on your company.

It enables you to issue precise progress updates, stay on top of the work of your staff, and better manage your time than before. Both internal staff matters and outside relationships may be handled more effectively by your company with the use of this sort of software. Better time, resource, and information management for your company than ever before is made possible with ManicTime. You can also download Google Drive For PC.

ManicTime 2024 Latest


  • Monitoring automatically
  • It logs your PC use automatically. It keeps track of the programs and duration of usage. It will also retain your past work on documents and the websites you have visited. Having all of this information will enable you to monitor your working hours.
  • The privacy data ManicTime gathers is kept on your computer and never sent. It resides just on your computer and is neither shared with us nor any other party.
  • Work offline
  • This software employs a local data store instead of a cloud-based service, hence all recorded data is stored on your computer. This implies as well that it will function as well with or without an internet connection.
  • Precise timekeeping
  • An intuitive visual interface will display all of the data the program gathers. This will enable you to ascertain when you had lunch and when you changed jobs. Your entered hours will be exact and easy to monitor going forward.
  • Timesheets made simple
  • Almost any form of report may be easily produced from the hours you tracked. Following report creation, you may simply transfer it to Excel or another program and generate an invoice there.
  • Complement other systems
  • It can link with GitHub or Jira, two task-based platforms. Entering work hours into the software allows you to submit the timesheet back to a particular problem.
  • Reports covering the whole company
  • Utilize the software for your team or your business. All information will be gathered and reports will be produced by Manic Timer Server.
  • Tagging automatically
  • The Timer gathers a lot of information, which you may use to design work tasks. One may argue, for instance, that all Facebook activity qualifies as “Browsing” and all MS Word use as “Work”.
  • Vacation time
  • Monitoring the non-use of computers is just as crucial as monitoring computer use. It will note this as away time when you turn off the computer. You may write down what you were doing while away when you get back.
  • Interval Timer
  • You can manually monitor your time using a stopwatch even if Manic Time is excellent at automated time tracking.

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